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StreamImage Infterface - parameter to specify Picture-inPicture pictures

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I have created a set including Picture-in-Picture part, and have uploaded it onto our ds server. Now I want to create a test HTML page to allow user to select from a dropdown list and change the picture-in-picture part dynamically.

Does anyone know how to set the parameter in the streamimage url to get the picture-in-picture part updated dynamically according to user inputs?

Thank you.

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do you use the Cross Media Designer to create the html pages? Or do you use the streamimage in your own html files?

Basically a PictureInPicture Set usually has a frame and needs an assignment like any other Set. Of course here we need to assign the path of the image (e.g. an url if the image is online available).

In the Cross Media Designer there would be no need to use the srteamimage because you can simply drag and drop your uploaded Set onto the page and assign the same database column that is already selected for the dropdown list.

For more information about the streamimage parameters please open DirectSmile and click on "Help -> Help- and DownloadCenter". In the tab "manuals" you can download the "DirectSmile Online Interfaces Documentation" where all parameters are listed up.

Regards from Berlin
DirectSmile Team

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Thanks for the quick reply! Really appreciate it. 

I wrote my own html in notepad (not using Cross Media Designer to generate the pages..) I just want to insert the customised image into my html code.

I have checked the document "DirectSmile Online Interfaces Documentation", and still could not find the parameter to change the image..

If we want to change the text to "welcome ds", we can put "t=welcome%20ds" in the query string, but if there is a PictureInPicture frame in the same set, and I want to set the image to be my own image at http://www.tpf.com.au/testimage.jpg. Where should I put this url to? I tried to use "t=welcome%20ds\#http://www.tpf.com.au/testimage.jpg" but it didn't work.. Is there any other parameter I can use to pass the url?

I have checked the document but could not find the right parameter to do that..


Thanks again for your help.

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If the Set has only one frame (no matter if it's a PicInPic or a normal text frame) you can use "t=..."

If you have more than one frame and you want to address the frames differently you need to prepare the Set:

1) change the name of the layer (e.g. "Layer1")
2) lock the layer
3) do this for all layers in the Set
4) upload the Set


Now you can address the different layers with the following code:

If you named your layers "Layer1" and "Layer2" it would look like this:

Please take care of the order of the layers! If you want to use more than two layers you can simply add more "FeldName3=Text3" to the code between the "{$" and the "$}" and seperate them with a ";"

I guess this is what you were looking for

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Thanks Soooo much!

That exactly solved my problem! Thanks for the prompt reply and detailed explanation. 

Have a lovely day. 

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