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FAQ: Which data can be used to personalise a DirectSmile Set?

link this post written on 22/11/2010
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Basically you can personalise a DirectSmile Set with any information from your database, e.g. the name of the customer, the city that he/she lives in, the date of birth and so on.

Beside that the Set should look realistic (challenge of the designer) it should be easy to read. Most of the Sets look better with short text because the text will fit automatically to the frame size. If you use the salutation, the title, the forename and the name the text will be quite long and it might be very small. If you want to use a lot of different variables of the database you could use a Set with more than one frame and fill-up each frame with a different variable.

You'll see that short text with bigger characters accentuates the details of a picturefont or the effects on a systemfont much better and your Set will look great! Usually you have the whole salutation in the text personalised that's why it is not a must-have in the image again. Use the forename and your customer will feel personally addressed and impressed by the design.

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