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How about a little overview for all the Licences available?

Right now i got the list in my vdp but can´t imagins to some of the licenes what they´re good for. And may i need an explicite License for a part of you nice tool and don´t now which one? So may give a little hint



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here are the explanatory notes of our licenses:


Remote Image Preview Service
send a print job via the connectivity server (if installed), this server will take over the printing of the job so that your Generator is free to work on other tasks

Printer Drivers for HP-Indigo
to output JLYT files for HP-Indigo

Creo/EFI/Xeikon - PPML
to output PPML files

E-Mailing Module
to create personalized e-mails (with the offline html editor)

Microsite Module
to create personalized websites (with the offline html editor)

to create and/or edit scripts in Sets or Documents

Load Balancer
to divide the image personalization into the RenderingInstances by the Generator

Opti-Image Driver
to render the background image of a Set only once and the personalized parts separately (faster)

Database Module
to edit the database in the job window directly and print in multiple blocks

Print to Database Driver
to create personalized images from a database and a Set (without Adobe InDesign)

to create a joblet exe (e.g. on the desktop) that starts a job directly by a double click

to create personalised barcodes

PDF Importer
to import PDF in InDesign to create a new DSM document (size and amount of pages of the PDF are taken automatically)

Central Print Queue
to send print jobs from several workstations to the generator

Set Scaler
to create smaller copies of a Set (all images are copied and scaled automatically)

Document Smile Flatrate
to create DirectSmile documents without paying smilys (only the document, not the images)

DirectSmile-Online Access
to transfer resources (Sets, Documents, Cross Media templates) to a DSMI

Adobe InDesign Bridge
to create personalized documents with InDesign


Regards from Berlin
DirectSmile Team

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