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FAQ: How to activate DirectSmile (version 5)

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After successful installation you will be prompted to activate your DirectSmile.

General information
Make sure that the computer is connected to the Internet.

The first time the DirectSmile software is started you may have to change the firewall settings so that the software will not be blocked by your firewall.

The address of the web services is http://webservices.directsmile.de (please note that this address does not designate a web site — it is used only for communication between the software and the license server).

Communication takes place via port 443 SSL.

Please make it sure that you allow internet connection with below new URL as well: http://lim.crossmediacloud.de


Activation guide

Start DirectSmile and fill in your SystemID.
Click "Request activation key".



A valid e-mail address is required! Because you will get an e-mail with the activation key.
Click "Request activation key".



A notification window occurs displaying the information that the key will be sent to the following e-mail address.



The DirectSmile license server processes the request immediately and sends an e-mail to you with the new key. Mark the key and press Ctrl+C then switch to DirectSmile again. Click into the first field and press Ctrl+V. The complete key will be entered at once. Now activate the software by clicking the "Next" button.



5. DirectSmile shows now a message of success.



... and that you have to restart DirectSmile.



Now you can start DirectSmile. None of the Sets or Job files will be deleted within the activation process, that means that everything that was installed will work as it has been before.

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