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Magento Shopping Cart

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I am looking for a developer to integrate Direct Smile in to Magento.

Does anyone know of a Magento shopping cart that has been integrated?

Can anyone recomend a developer?





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I too would be interested in discussing this with a developer. Any luck yet Tony?
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Hi!  My name is Robert and I'm the eCommerce director for Swarming Technology.  We currently have a client looking to integrate the two platforms, however the cost to implement exceeds his ability on his own.  If possible all of us can come together and we can help write a custom Magento extension to provide an out of this world experience based upon the collectives business needs. Please feel free to reach me at robert@swarmingtech.com and I'd be glad to coordinate these efforts. 


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I think this is possible, parsing wsdl and call methods. There is some handling of xml within scripting relations. My advise would be to try soap api version 2 ( not rpc ) of Magento. Another alternative is too use Prestashop & REST within DS.


With payment you have to be careful since a purl can be guessed.

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Interesting topic!

I love to share my knowledge about the integration to 3rd party. How about to request to have session or group discussion at User Confernce 2015?


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