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FAQ: PrintShop Mail does not display the "PumpkinStairs" correctly

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Some DirectSmile Sets contain a Script, e.g. the Set "PumpkinStairs" contains a script which creates the effect that the first name is always in the first personalized line but behind the second line of pumpkins. We use a script here because the order of the frames is not only responsible for the order of the names but also for the graphical order (the first frame is on top of the second frame).


Unfortunately Printshop Mail can not handle scripts. I recommend to create a copy of the Set at first and change the copy:
- copy the Set folder "PumpkinStairs"
- name the new folder e.g. "PumpkinStairs2"
- rename the dset file, e.g. "PumpkinStairs2"
- open the Set "PumpkinStairs2
- click in the stage direction on "Function TextOut"

1. select "DB Field" (instead of "Script")
2. in the dropdown menu select "IncomingText"
3. click OK to close


This was the most important part. Now you have to decide about working with one layer only (deleting the other as in the picture below)...

... or working with two layers handling the assignment manually. Therefore you can keep the two layers and use \#.
click here to get more information about \#

Third way could be handling this by an own Script using the PSM interface.

After we recognized the ignorance of Set-scripting in PSM, we minimized the use of scripts in Sets or at least add a note in the Set shop page saying 'Contains VBScript' (unfortunately PumpkinStairs is an older Set without that information).


Best regards
Support Team

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