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multiple foto upload

link this post written on 05/01/2012
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Dear Members,

i created a 5-column layout in InDesign and wanted to get a single picture-upload for every column. Because i want to use this function on more than one page, i decided to put the upload frames in a sub-document and embed them with the dsm-element function.


Sadly there appear no input fields with this combination on the browser.

Can somebody help knowing what to do or what´s missing?

Kind Regards

link this post written on 17/02/2012
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I tried to reproduce the steps I assume you already did, so I created a subdocument with five frames (datainterface: file selector) and a maindocument with a frame for the subdocument:



Now in the maindocument please have a look at the bridge and open the datainterface of the variable which is your frame with the subdocument. I would guess that in the menu "display" you still have the default "Don't display". If yes, please choose one of the other three options, that way you will see the datainterfaces that belong to the variables of the subdocument, too.



I hope that helps!

Best regards

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