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Skin Designer HELP PLEASE!!!

link this post written on 05/07/2012
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Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone new how to use the new skin designer? I have the basic color and layout I want for my pages all set up in the Home.Show page. The problem is that whenever I try to get that same design to show on any other page it disappears and goes back to the default colors and look. I am really lost with how to implement the new skin designer so any help in general at all would be great!

link this post written on 06/02/2013
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Hello Matthew

I moved your question from Cross Media to Card & Gift Shop, because the skin designer is for the Card & Gift Shop.
If you open your DirectSmile software you can click "Help" -> "Open Help- and Download Center". There you can download the manual "DirectSmile Card & Gift Shop" and find more information about the skin designer from page 82 on. Please have a look at these instructions at first and in case something is not working as it should, please create a forum topic in the Card & Gift Shop category or enter a support request in our support center.

Best regards
DirectSmile Team

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