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FAQ: Why can't I send E-Mails?

link this post written on 30/11/2010
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You started an emailing and in the Cross Media Manager menu "EMail" you can see it in "List of current EMailings" but it still says "Ready to send". At first please refresh the screen (click "Close" and open the menu "EMail" again) to make sure that you see the latest status.

If it keeps saying "Ready to send" and nothing happens it could be due to the DirectSmile Email Backend Service that is not running and you have to (re)start it.

1) Log in to the Cross Media server

2) go to "start > run" and type in services.msc and press enter.
(if there is no "run" option, type it into the search field)

3) Now the windows services should be displayed.

4) Look for the "DirectSmile EMail Backend" service, right click on it and select start.
If it is started already, select restart.


As soon as the EMail Backend service is running again, all emailings that are "Ready to start" will be sent out! That means if you have started the emailing several times because nothing happens you might want to delete all of them except one before you start the EMail Backend service. Otherwise all emailings will be sent out and everybody will get the email as often as you started the emailing.

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Dear DirectSmile Friends,

Is there possible to send an email to more than one receiver inside the 'To' field?

two receiver


Best regards,

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Hi WinP,

No, multiple recipient address was not supported.

However, you can simply create 2nd email, and use 2nd email address as recipien Email address. So you can send same email to different email address, and both of them would be tracked.


I hope it will help you.

Best regards,


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Hi WinP,

If you use Optivo you can only use one recipient. But if you don't use Optivo you can add more. Please make sure that you use the correct syntax:

[[EMail]] + ';' + [[EMail2]]


Best regards,
DirectSmile team

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Thanks alot guys! Very helpful!


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Oh, yes. DSM is right, of course!

Constrain I mentioned is only for Optivo, not for general if you use your own SMTP server for sending email.


Thank you DSM!

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