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IP Certification http://www.returnpath.net/

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I've got a a doubt and I hope someone can clarify this issue.

It is possible to certify the ip used by DirectSmile Crossmedia?

I know the possibility of Optivo but It's expensive ( I've got a low-volume in mailings )

Kind regards


link this post written on 08/08/2011
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Hello Jaume,

for whitelisting you could use http://www.sendgrid.com

Regards from Berlin
DirectSmile Team

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Now I'll hope that in the not too distant future we can use custom domains (with bounces) with this system.

Thank you very much!



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Sendgrid this very well (Safe Harbor, DKIM, Return Path Certification). It is obviously a good competitive option (much cheaper) to achieve that messages that reach the inbox.

I think it might be a good option to integrate in DirectSmile Crossmedia.

Kind regards


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