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FAQ: How to allow your client to see only the dashboard

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You have created a succesful campaign and you want your client to be able to see the amazing results in the dashboard. But your client should not be able to change something in the Cross Media Manager.

You can set up a dashboard password. Therefore open your Cross Media Manager, select the campaign, click on "Campaign" in the top menu bar and click on "Dashboard Settings". Type in a password and click "Save".

To see the dashboard the url is the same (your Cross Media url), the username is the campaign name and the password is the one you just created. If you login with these details you can see the dashboard without access to the whole Cross Media Manager.

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Hm, ok is nice but my customers want to see the datas behind the clicks imedaitly... So what about the possibility entering the Dashboard with have a Look to the Submitters of the campaign?

There should be the possibility to offer the customer an gate for watching (only watching) the submitters names and may what they were clicking before!!

Think about


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That's right! At the moment the Dashboard user can not see the DB itself, only the Dashboard. We forwarded this request to our development to get a more comfortable solution in the near future, but as of right now, if you want the customer to be able to see the DB, you need to create an account for them that allows login to the frontend. Please apologize the inconvenience.

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Please click here to find more information about dashboard users and the permission to see and download the database in DirectSmile Cross Media version 6.

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