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Superscripts & Underlined Text

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I have a document I need to write a script for that makes a superscript for a variable item.
(e.g. 10"th" - the "th" would be smaller and set above the 10) See Photo Below.

This superscript variable also needs to be underlined as shown above.

Can someone help me out writing the script? I would appreciate it very much!
Also does anyone have a great Java Script or VB Script resource they use to write scripts for DirectSmile?

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Is anyone of the DS Support team able to help me on this issue?

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There is a forum topic where you can find a script. The script does not create the superscript option, but it fills a second text variable with "st", "nd", "rd" or "th" automatically:

The only thing that is yet missing in this guideline, is the preparation to use the document online. We will update the guideline asap.
It is important that you create two folders in the bridge:

- move the variable 'age' inside the folder
- right mouse click on the variable and 'edit data interface'
- click 'OK'

- move the variable 'ord' inside the folder
- right mouse click on the folder and click 'Rename variable group'
- enable the checkbox 'Hide in interface'
- click 'OK'

Now the document is prepared for online. If you also want to use the Set, please move the variable 'set' in folder1 as well and edit the data interface. If you don't want to use the Set, you can simply delete the frame in the InDesign document.

Unfortunately the underline option is only possible with the Adobe InDesign output, but this can't be used for documents online. You might use the InDesign line tool to create a line below the 'ord' variable.

Please find here two PDFs that show what kind of scripts you can use in DirectSmile documents:

Regards from Berlin,
Support team
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