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Could anyone help me?

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Could anyone help me?

Direct use Smiller Generator with InDesign CS5.

In variable data jobs in Buttons we have the following problem.

I have 2 fields (Name and Sector). Name field is on 2 lines and 1 line in Sector Field.

Not all sectors have names. How do I continue centralizing at the time even if there is no sector in some names.

And yet the Field sector have different source and body size as well.

thank you

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Hello, could anyone tell if it is possible to center text in vertical (box height) in Indesign? When I use the option to centralize the time inside the box and gero JLT, is simply disregarded the command and the text is all in the top corner.
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Unfortunately, currently it is not possible to align a text vertically.

Please have a look to the following post with the same issue:


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