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General information about Rendering Instances

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If you generate personalised images, the DirectSmile Generator will render one image after another. To speed up the process you can use the DirectSmile Rendering Instances. The amount of Rendering Instances which you can use at the same time depends on your licenses, please contact our Sales team in case you have any questions: sales@directsmile.com

In case you just got new licenses for Rendering Instances please click "Show licenses -> Search for new licenses" and restart DirectSmile before you go to the next step.

How to use Rendering Instances

1) Open DirectSmile and open the working directory


2) In the working directory double click "DirectSmile ProductionServer.exe" to start a Rendering Instance (former name was "ProductionServer"):


3) Now that the first Rendering Instance is open you can see a new information in your DirectSmile menu:
Server: (1/6) means that you started one of six Rendering Instances (this system has 6 licenses).


4) To start more Rendering Instances, simply repeat step (2).

Each Rendering Instance can generate one image after another but they can run parallel. Now if you start a job you will see that they all start rendering the personalised images (the small preview shows which image was rendered):


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