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Question on Uploading Data In Direct Smile Set Editor

link this post written on 14/11/2012
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i'm new to all this so this may be a stupid question, but I've created my set in DS Designer (it's a pic in pic set) and when i go to write my varibles because theres more than one smilie, there is no data?

In the assignment window the data base field drop down doesn't have any of my data fields.

How do I create a set with the data I need in it?

link this post written on 14/11/2012
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Hello Elise Penton and welcome to DirectSmile

we are happy to read that you started creating your own Sets. In the Set Editor you have the small window to enter some names, this is only to test your design. Here you can't assign a database, because you create a Set like a template that can be used in a lot of different jobs and you can always assign different data without opening the Set design again.

After you have created and saved a DirectSmile Set, you can use it in a DirectSmile document. Therefore you create a new job and create your document in InDesign. In the DirectSmile job window you can import a database.

For more information please open the DirectSmile menu and click "Help -> Help and Download Center" there you can download the "DirectSmile document manual". Please also have a look at the this tutorial video, which shows the first steps.

If you are completely new to DirectSmile we recommend to book a training, therefore please contact: sales@directsmile.com

Best regards
DirectSmile team

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