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Uploading Error

link this post written on 10/04/2013
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i am facing some problem, when i upload a card than i recived this error:

An error occurred while importing
Template denied

(Failed to retrieve detailed set information from Generator! [Responsefile not found [D:\DirectSmile Generator\Partners\Out\dad3213d-f69f-44a0-b05a-846588a29cbe.xml]])

kindly help me about it.

link this post written on 10/04/2013
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Hello creativediziner

at first please check if the DirectSmile Generator is running on the server. This message is typical if somebody logged off the Windows user on the server (what should not be done) or if the Windows user is logged in but DirectSmile is not started.

If it is running please check if the folder "D:\DirectSmile Generator\Partners\Out\" on the server is empty. If yes, please check if the windows system account "NETWORK SERVICE" has given full control for the Partners folder. The folder "Out" should contain something, the folders "In" and "Progress" should be empty.

Best regards
DirectSmile Team

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