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Color profil on DSMI ?

link this post written on 10/02/2014
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From our e-shop, we personalize doc with a HTML RTF interface, based on the Base64 possibilities of DSMI. This works quite good. But we still have a pb with the color conversion : 

In the RTF fields we select the text color, from a color-picker, with its RGB hexa code (ex :#FF0000 (red)) but when we get the CMYK PDF from the DSMI, this text is very much more an maroon-orange than a red. It's really a problem for production...

We think about a profil color pb, but we can't say if we have to configure our job -and so : where can we assign and embed the conversion profil ?- or if we have to implemente a special color profil conversion on DSMI -and so : how to do this ?.


Thanks a lot for your help about this


link this post written on 10/02/2014
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Hello r.wann,

thank you for the message, we informed our development team about it. It seems to be an issue of the way the colour is rendered from the rtf input into the document. Unfortunately the colour output settings of the workflow don't seem to influence the rtf text. They are considering a way to bring a more reliable color model like CMYK into the Shop Editor. Please apologize the inconvenience.

Best regards
DirectSmile team

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