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Online VDP with variables to Workflow

link this post written on 25/07/2014
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Hello DirectSmile,

I have some questions about sending a Online VDP product to the workflow.

In DSMO/DSMI I created a Job Template and a Workflow folder. I Attached this Job template to a Online VDP product.

On the page where I want to send my product to the workflow I added a button with the action: send to workflow for printing.

I created my whole project with datarelations to select the right data.

When I click on the button with the action: send to workflow my product is sent to the workflow. When I proove a product the workflow shows the right product with the right data. So that is good but........

How do transfer a amount (quantity in the Workflow) of a product to the workflow?
My amounts/quantityare now stored in a datarelation but this is not transferred to the workflow.

with kind regards,

Raïm de Reus

link this post written on 17/09/2015
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Any progress regarding this question? I'd like to use a quantity without any data relation. is it basically possible to use a quantity column in DSMX for the Workflow?
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