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automatic sms sending

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Can we schedule automatic sms sending over a date in a column of a database ?


For example : Today(03/07/2015) automatic sms sending for customers with the same date as today or for customers with tomorrow date(J+1) for a reminder.

If yes, how to do it ?



Best Regards

Raphaël Britel

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Hi Raphaël Britel,
Thank you for the good question! Unfortunately there is no default option for that in the 'send sms' task, but you can use a workaround. You only need one additional task to set it up. Here is a guideline how to achieve that - don't worry, it looks long but only due to the big screenshots the set up is easy.

We need a sms and these two columns in the database: 'DateX' and 'SendSMS'. DateX stores the custom dates.



Then I prepared a filter (for a task later), it simply checks if the database column [[SensSMS]] is 'Yes'. Save the filter.



In the Campaign Manager I added a new task 'DB-Writer'. Two things need to be set up: It should write into the column [[SendSMS]] (please see the assignment in the next step). Furthermore we have to enable the repetitive execution plan. The task needs to be repeated each day.



The assignment looks like this: Write 'No', but if the custom date in the column [[DateX]] is equal to the current date (in the same format), then write 'Yes'.



I added the second task, send SMS. The SMS should not be send out to every record, but only to the ones which match the filter 'SendSMS'. It is the filter we created in step 2.



Last step: start both tasks!

That's it!

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Great, thank you for the answer.


Best Regards

Raphaël Britel

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