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Duplicate check, force new action or alternating route

link this post written on 28/08/2015
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Hey there.

CASE: Admin is running an event where users register attendance. Admin logs in trough email to an admin panel (for setting up the event with spesific information which in turn is registered/overwrites his admin-lead in the database). After the event is set up, the applet loops on the user end. Contents of the loop is decided based on the admins choices (and information in admins lead)

1. User registers. His new lead inherits some information from the admin user, ammended to new information which user enters.

2. User answers questions, which is ammended to his lead. (this page is custom based on admins choice in the admin panel)

3. User optionaly enters a contest, which ammends to his lead. (and is later used for a draft with prices).

4. Applet loops back to 1 to be ready for new entry.


PROBLEM: If an user has registered at a previous event (which used the same system), we would like the applet to identify this user and ALTER the course trough the applet. For example, if he returns, he gets the option to skip part 3 of the applet. OR have all information added to the same lead and new information ammended.

The "register via e-mail" option does not work for me as it only returns an error for the user.

QUESTION 1: Is there a way to identify double entries and have this trigger actions which are alternating to the normal course? (only returning an error for the user is a NO GO)

QUESTION 2: Is there a way to ammend information to said user-entry without changing the PURL owner?

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