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Create a list of questions and be able to mark the correct answer?

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I'm going to create 10 questions and then people can make a choice which one they think is correct. Example below.

1. Why safety is important?

A. Protect
B: Understand
C: Help
D: All answers are correct


- People should be able to mark the correct answer. How do you create a list like that?
- How should I build my database so I can see what people replied?


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Hello Andreas,

If I understood correctly, people can only select one out of the four answers, right? If yes, then you would need 10 database columns, one for each questions (e.g. question1, questions2, ..., question10). You can place one radio button item for the first question, add a fourth option (green plus) and select the database column 'question1'. Do the same for all other nine questions.

I recommend to use simple values that are written in the database:
Either 'A, B, C and D' to see what exactly did people answer. This might be interesting if you want to see exactly in the dashboard how many people selected which option (A, B, C or D).



Or you could use 'true' and 'false'. This will only show you if people answered correctly or not and if they did not answer correctly, you can't see which wrong answer they selected.



Both ways could be shown in the dashboard easily, e.g. with a pie chart. Option 1 will show percentage of A, B, C and D. Option 2 will only show percentage of 'true' and 'false' answers.

Please find more information about radiobuttons in our online manual on page 2015:

Kind regards,

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Hello DSM,

Thank you for the reply. I'm going to take a look at this on Friday but you seem to understand what I meant.
Only been working with DC for a week so I'm a newbie. Currently working on a different project for a client with the use of DC. But I'll get back to you if I have more questions.

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It worked.

Now, when someone has answered all my questions and clicked to go to a new page. I want on the next page to say "you answered X out of 10 questions"
How do I fix that. Do I need to write a script or is there things I must add in my database?

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