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FAQ: How to create your own Picfont

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If you want to create your own picfont, you can create a whole new alphabet!

It is very important that you take care of the following things

- images are tif files (without any additional layers, masks, etc)

- save the images in Adobe Photoshop without any compression (Compression = None)



- each Picfont needs its own folder in the folder \DirectSmile Generator\PicFonts\



- if you have created a new folder but your font is not in the list, click the top menu "Font" -> "Refresh all font-lists"

- usually you use one image and one mask (only black and white, maybe grey for transparency) for each character



- name the images correctly: you can use "A to Z" as shown above or use the hex code (use an additonal "m" for the mask images)


- all files must have the same height! The width can be different.



- you can create more than one image per character, DirectSmile will use the images one after another:


Have fun creating your own Picfonts! The possibilities are almost endless












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I am trying to create my own PicFont. I know the boxes that contain the letters have to be the same size vertically but not horizontally. Does the vertical size take into consideration the descending letters like the j, g & y for example or are the lower case letters? So I would have to make the original vertical orientation large enough to contain the descenders on all the fonts no matter if they are upper or lower case?

Right now I am so confused!


Mary Gordon

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Yes, all letters of a PicFont need to take place in the same height of the images, otherwise you will receive an unexpected base line shift.
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